Music Release is an easily customizable website template made for sharing music. This website template was designed to be versatile enough for any artist and developed lightweight enough work well on any platform.

Included are a variety of customization options: Dark mode, light mode, background video modes, along with 3D animation options for album artwork. This template also includes a Quickstart Guide to make page customization effortless, even with minimal development experience.

This template includes:
  • 1 Homepage HTML File
  • 9 Stylesheets
    • 4 Page Styles
      • Dark mode
      • Light mode
      • Background video mode (Light)
      • Background video mode (Dark)
    • 5 Artwork Animations
      • Spin (Horizontal)
      • Spin (Vertical)
      • Swivel
      • Float
      • Vinyl
  • 1 Quickstart Guide

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