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eCommerce Suite

Website template set

eCommerce Suite is a complete web platform built and optimized to sell products online. Designed with research on websites like Nike, Apple, Amazon, and other highly innovative companies, eCommerce Suite equips businesses with a premium, easy-to-use buying experience developed by hand to work on any device.

eCommerce Suite has features customers know and love—Search from any page with recommendations, filter products by category, browse images with a swipe, and more—developed and tested to perform seamlessly. This template also comes with a Getting Started Guide to help developers customize the platform.

This template includes:
  • 7 Webpages
    (.html files)
    • Homepage
    • Shop page
    • Product page
    • About page
    • Thank you, sold out, & 404 pages
  • 2 Stylesheets
    (.css files)
    • All page styles
    • Product slideshow style
  • 3 Scripts
    (.js files)
    • Responsive menu with search
    • Product category filter
    • Product slideshow script
  • 8 Icons and Image Placeholders
    (.svg and .png files)
  • 1 Getting Started Guide
    (.txt file)

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Music Release thumbnail Music Release preview on mobile

Music Release

Website template

Music Release is a website template made for artists to share music in a simple yet personalized way. Music Release was designed to be easily customizable, versatile enough for any artist, and lightweight enough to load quickly on any device.

Included are a variety of customization options: Dark mode, light mode, background video modes, along with 3D animation options for album artwork. This template also includes a Quickstart Guide to make page customization effortless, even with minimal web development experience.

This template includes:
  • 1 Homepage
    (.html file)
  • 9 Stylesheets
    (.css files)
    • 4 Page Styles
      • Dark mode
      • Light mode
      • Background video mode (Light)
      • Background video mode (Dark)
    • 5 Artwork Animations
      • Spin (Horizontal)
      • Spin (Vertical)
      • Swivel
      • Float
      • Vinyl
  • 2 Background Videos
    (.mp4 files)
  • 1 Artwork Placeholder
    (.png file)
  • 1 Quickstart Guide
    (.png and .txt files)

Free digital delivery upon purchase.